Picture of New Campus building
Picture of New Campus Building
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New Campus School

TBAISD New Campus School is a K-12 center-based program for students with emotional impairment or severe behavioral concern who require more controlled, structured environment in which to learn. This program combines academics, behavioral instruction, community-based education and group and individual counseling which contribute to the school’s high rate of students returning to their local school district.

PDF Document 2014-15 Annual Education Report

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I am a

S - Safe

P - Productive

I - Independent

R - Respectful

I - Individual Learner

T - Team Member

Picture of students celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act.

ADA 25 Celebration

Students celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act. More...
Students honored by State Council.

Students Honored by State Council

Michigan Council for Exceptional Children honored two TBAISD students on March 3.
Picture of AWC Transition Campus student who delights the audience in his phantom of the opera mask.

Inspiring Talent

AWC Transition Campus students WOW family and friends during the annual talent show. More...
student learning to use Mobility Opportunities via Education.

MOVE Curriculum

Students and staff are on the MOVE! More...
TBAISD logo with photos of a tall ship with sails  and downtown Traverse City Michigan.

Students on the MOVE

Learn how TBAISD is implementing the MOVE program to help students with disabilities become more active in their learning. More...