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Special Education

Federal law and state administrative rules outline a public school’s obligation to meet the needs of students ages birth through 26 years who are eligible for special education.  Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) outline the needs, accommodations, goals, and services for that constitute a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for each eligible student.

Approximately 3,500 students with IEPs are served by Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District and the 16 public school districts, 4 public school academies, and 12 nonpublic schools in the region.  Local districts provide a variety of consultative and classroom services.  TBAISD provides assessment, specialized consultation and direct services, and center-based programming in a variety of settings to enhance student growth and facilitate the transition to postsecondary opportunities.  Additionally, the ISD provides support to parents, professional development, and guidance to local districts to ensure that students with IEPs have every opportunity to succeed.

Special Education Supervisors

Karen Spring,  Compliance Supervisor    231.922.6233
Leigh Kennedy,  Coordinator of Curriculum    231.922.6393
Brooke Laurent, Behavior Team Supervisor  231.922.6462

Service Area Supervisors

John Breithaupt - 231.922.6466 (TCAPS Schools)
Kristen Deering - 231.922.6474 (TCAPS Schools)
Becky Goodwin  -  231.922.6467 (Northeast service area)
Julie Gordon  -  231.922.6485 (Special Education Preschool Assessment, Behavior services)
Mike Hartman  -  231.922.6566 (TCAPS Schools)
Brooke Laurent  -  231.922.6462 (Southwest service area)
Kim Urbanski  -  231.922.6470 (Northwest service area)

Center-based Program Supervisors

Rena Spencer,  Transition Campus/Life Skills Center (former AWC)    231.922.6357
Candy Marek, New Campus School   231.922.6485
MartyAnn Guiney , Programs for Students with Cognitive Impairments    231.933.5685
Debra Drayton-Nelson,  Programs for Students with  Autism    231.933.5682

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