Picture of student using assistive device.

Programs for Students with Cognitive Impairments

Moderate Cognitive Impairments (MoCI) Programs: 

Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District operates specialized programs to meet the needs of students with  moderate cognitive impairments. These programs are designed to strengthen the academic, communication, social, and daily living skills of students.   The primary goal of these programs is skill acquisition. These skills range from the traditional academic skills of reading, writing, and math to the transition skills of pre-vocational training and participation in community experiences. Classes are located in various Traverse City Area Public Schools for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Typically, students move to the Transition Campus (formerly AWC) after age 18.

Severe Cognitive Impairment (SCI)

or Severe Multiple Impairment (SXI) Programs: 

Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District provides specialized programs for students with severe cognitive impairments as well as students with severe multiple impairments.  These programs help students become as independent and productive as possible.  Student goals center on daily living skills, communication, motor skills, appropriate social behaviors, leisure skills, and prevocational and vocational skills.  Collaboration between teachers, parents, and staff assists every student to reach his or her full potential.

PDF Document 2021 Annual Education Report - Traverse Heights Program (2019-20 School Year)

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