Behavior Supports & Interventions

Behavior as Instruction

Using our region’s model of instruction, the Marzano Standard-Based Classroom Teaching Map, the work of the behavior department is the integration of the Conditions for Learning to optimize academic instruction.  The conditions for learning are:

  • Establishing rules and procedures
  • Recognizing adherence and lack of adherence to rules and procedures
  • Using engagement strategies when students are not engaged
  • Establishing and maintaining effective relationships
  • Communicating high expectations for all learners

The behavior team is composed of staff from in the general education Instructional Services Team (IST) and the Special Education team. These groups collaborate closely with content specialists and itinerant staff to support the best outcomes for all learners.   

Behavior Team Communication

Behavior Team

Name Building Position Phone
Amanda Archambault Administration Building Behavior Support Assistant
Miriam Bauer Administration Building Engagement/Behavior Specialist 231.922.6418
Amy Branco Administration Building Engagement/Behavior Specialist 231.922.6441
Bret Gutknecht Administration - East Behavior Support Assistant
Angela Holmes Administration Building Behavior Support Assistant 231.922.7881
Tracy Huhn Administration - East Behavior Support Assistant 231.922.7881
Judith Miller Administration Building Behavioral Consultant 231.922.6432
Marianne Swank Administration Building Multi Tiered System Supp Facil 231.922.6242