Andy Wolf fixing computer
John Anderson assisting on computer
Grant Blesma on Phone Support
Grant Wright fixing computer

Technology Services

The office of Technology Services provides a variety of technical support within TBAISD and also for local districts.  Requests for support can be entered by employees using an online service request.

Jason Jeffrey, EdD
Assistant Superintendent
General and Career & Technical Education


Technology Services Department

Name Building Position Phone
John Anderson Career-Tech Center Senior Technology Support Spec 231.922.6396
Grant Blesma Administration Building Technology Operations Manager 231.922.6384
Dakota Chase Glen Lake School Computer Technician 231.922.6394
Mark Fink Kingsley High School Technology Support Specialist 231.263.5261
Shawn Heath Administration Building Technology Systems Admin-Email 231.922.6395
Adam Houdek Northport Public Schools Technology Support Specialist 231.922.6325
Bernard Killeen Administration Building Computer Technician 231.922.6208
Kevin Kobylski Forest Area Schools Computer Technician 231-922-6584
Michael Litzner Career-Tech Center Technology System Admin-Server 231.922.6306
Chris Nuckels Buckley Schools Computer Technician 231.922.6494
Douglas Olson Administration Building Technology Systems Manager 231.922.6343
Mary Savage Administration Building Technology Support Specialist 231.922.7837
Kurt Swartzmiller Administration Building Computer Technician 231-922-6423
Andy Wolfe Career-Tech Center Technology Systems Admin - Networks 231.922.7810
Grant Wright Administration Building Technology Support Specialist 231.922.6301

For information regarding the purchase of technology equipment, please log into the Staff Intranet and navigate to the Technology Services page.